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The EDGE Program is specifically built for Gen-Z. They are your newest employee with limited professional experience. The program applies to a wide range of roles and industries with the goal of leveling up your new hires and guiding them through business basics to becoming a top performing teammate. 


It's a step-by-step progressive learning path to facilitate professional growth.  The EDGE program delivers impactful learning, accountability, and teamwork, reinforced with engaging real-world application. 


This program includes:

  • 14 Interactive Online Training Courses
  • Real-World Application Exercises
  • Discussion Guides for Managers
  • Capstone Projects 
  • Digital Sharing on our AXIS Learning Portal



EDGE Professional Development

  • This program allows for new team members to feel more valued, confident and engaged with your organization from the get-go! 

    It supports employee retention by providing them with skills to take control of their own professional success. 

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