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Lights, Camera, Action! You’re Live in the Interview!

The interview process can be nerve-wracking for job candidates. Let us help you prepare and build confidence knowing you’ve done everything you could to get this new role.

In our first blog, we covered ways to get your resume noticed. In our second blog, we walked through tips and strategies for preparing for the interview. Now you are likely in a room, answering and asking some questions of your own with the hiring manager. This is an exciting time to sell yourself and beat the competition for the position. Nailing the actual interview is the final step in the process. You can do this!


Pro tips for before you even enter the room.

  1. Mentally prepare and find your zone. Start your morning off with a good breakfast and a meditation or yoga routine to center yourself. Having foggy headspace will provide unnecessary stress before you start the interview.

  2. Look professional, arrive early, and know details about the company! Showing up late, in disarray, and unorganized is a quick way to end the interview before you even get started.

Interview prep for candidates

The interview is as much about the company finding the best candidate, as it is for you to make sure it is a match for you, too. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your interview.

Ask questions, then ask MORE questions. It is OK to ask the same opinion-based questions to several folks within the organization. In fact, you should. Getting viewpoints from people can help you make your decision about the position and if you fit in the culture.

Here are a few great questions to ask in your interview:

  • What would success look like three months into the role?

  • What do the opportunities for further training and career development look like?

  • Describe the company culture for me. How does this compare to your team culture?

Take the time to understand the evaluation process & the timeline for filling the role. This shows the future employer you are interested in getting started and that you meet all expectations they have. It also helps you create urgency with them to fill the position if you are a fit!

Take the initiative and wrap up the interview by telling them why you want this position and the value you bring to the company.

Send a Thank You...

You have done a lot of work to get noticed... prepare, and lead a meaningful interview. The true last phase is post-interview follow-up. Because you’ve already asked about what the remainder of the hiring process looks like, express gratitude and send a follow-up email thanking the hiring manager for their time.

PRO TIP: Outline the next steps as you understand them and share that you are looking forward to progressing in the hiring process.

Put your best foot forward and lean into your personal brand in the interview process. For support in that area check out our course store for a few online courses to help!

Good luck in your future career growth! We hope these practical tips help you land your next role.

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Thank for including sample questions to ask during the interview! That part of the interview can feel clunky for some reason.

Great blog series!

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