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Have a Process! Prepare for Your Interview.

Prepare For The Interview
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One of the best feelings is getting the confirmation email or phone call that you have been selected to move forward in the hiring process. Celebrate! You have made it through the initial screening process.

‘On average, each corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes. Out of these candidates, 4-6 will be interviewed.’


Next step, the company is ready to meet you. They want to know more about you and see if everything listed on paper is accurate. In our first blog, we covered tips to build a great first impression with your resume. Now we will help you prepare for a meeting with the company and team for your dream job.

We live in a space where virtual and in-person interviews are the new norm. A lot of positions today are hybrid, so it is acceptable to expect your interview to be a combination of both. You should rehearse and practice both styles. Be sure you test the technology before the big day. The last thing you want is to miss the interview because you couldn’t get the platform launched to join the call.

It can be intimidating while in the interview but following a few of our tips should provide some confidence and ease knowing that you have a plan and strategy on how to best sell yourself for the role while being questioned.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the interview:

1- Review the job description, your resume, and the research you’ve already done on the company. Then, do more research! Learn as much as you can about the hiring manager plus the team, the products and services the company offers and the company culture. Many companies are on social media. You should take advantage of the information at your fingertips. This process will also help formulate answers to the questions asked of you.

2- Practice your introduction and answers to key questions you know the hiring manager will ask. Be specific in your answers. Use data and real-life scenarios when you provide a response. Be authentic. Be yourself.

A few questions you should be prepared to answer:

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself.

  • What interests you about this role and company?

  • Describe your greatest strengths and weaknesses.

  • Why do you want to leave your current role and company?

  • Why should we hire you?

3- Create your own list of questions in advance to ask the interviewee. You can never have too many genuine questions, and it is ok to ask multiple people the same question. However, it is crucial you ask them at the right time and be careful about asking questions that were previously answered by the interviewer. Remember this is not your typical conversation with a colleague, this is a test. You are being put on the spot and asked to elaborate on details in your resume. It is important to sell yourself just as much to confirm this is a good fit for your future.

4- Participate in a mock interview. Provide a trusted friend with a list of questions to ask you. Once it is completed, ask for honest feedback and coaching in areas you can improve. Then practice your answers again.

Put it all together on your big day! Dress for the role, show up early and put your best polished professional brand first!

To continue developing the best version of you, check out our course store for content on building your professional brand.

Tune in next week for our final blog in the series- Lights, Camera, Action! You’re Live! Tips and techniques while you are in the interview.

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Good info! I appreciate the reminder to not ask them the same questions they have already explained. 😶

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